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About Constellation Book Services


Why I became a book designer,

and what I love about this job

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I entered the publishing industry because I love to write and I love books. After a few years of writing grants and running the office at my publishing job, I decided I wanted to learn how to design books. I was a photographer, had a good eye, and was excited to learn the art of book cover and interior design.


Becoming a book designer has enabled me to build a rewarding career and to work on a variety of creative projects at a time, which keeps my job interesting and exciting. I love working through the whole process and seeing a book develop from manuscript to a finished book in your hand. Working for publishers, I would get so excited when the first shipment of a new book came in!


As I began working with more self-publishing authors, I found that I also loved working one-on-one with different authors, hearing their stories and supporting them on their publishing journeys. Writing a book is such a personal thing. Authors hold their life’s work and dreams in those pages. It is always an honor to be a part of making that dream become a reality. I have met some very interesting characters! 


This career path has been a dream for me. I have been able to work on amazing projects, meet so many wonderful people, and make time to focus on my family and relationships, which are very important to me as well. I like to think of many of my authors as my extended family. I have stayed in touch with several authors over the years, long after the project has ended. 


I have a great deal of experience in the publishing and book design industries, but I am also very real, down to earth, personable and intuitive. Book design is not just a job to me. Lots of love and care go into my process, and I do my best to support authors in all the decisions that are made along the way.

Christy Day

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